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Wolfgang Schüssel and Viktor Orbán in the Library of the Carmelite monastery, home to the Prime Minister’s Office in Budapest.

“The Dominant Role of The West Is Over”

In a controversial debate with Austria’s former chancellor, Wolfgang Schüssel, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán argues against EU and NATO membership of Ukraine, warns of a security deal between Russia and the U.S.A., and outlines his vision for the EU.
Ilija Trojanow, Bulgarian-German writer, translator, and publisher
Café Kosovo

The Balkans: History Debunked

A small café in Prizren: The microcosm of the Balkans in all its complexities and contradictions. Vignettes from the south of Kosovo.
Nathalie Tocci, director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali.
Europe’s Charm Offensive

Make Europe Work Again

Jean Monnet, one of the EU’s founding fathers, set the bar high for the success of the European Union. To what extent has it passed the “Monnet Test”?
Ivan Krastev, chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia.
Pan-european Polycrisis

Europe‘s Vertigo Moment

Climate change, migration, war. Europe is reeling. Pushed to the brink by more than a decade of crises, the continent is at a tipping point.
Ukrainian civil society activist Daria Kaleniuk.

The Bloody Path Back to The European Family

From the hope of Euromaidan to the reality of Russia’s aggression: the Ukrainian fight to regain its place in Europe.
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Justyna Gotkowska, deputy director at the Warsaw-based Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW).
European security

Will The War Come to Us?  It’s Up to The West

The Russian-Ukrainian war may be a prelude to a bigger conflict if the West does not seize the chance to weaken Russia.
Defining Central Europe

The Third Dimension

Paul Lendvai, author and journalist.
At the crossroads

The Tug of War for Central Europe’s Future

History is no Autobahn. The region’s fate will be decided by who will prevail: liberals or autocrats. 


Sonja Licht, president of the Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society, Belgrade. 

The Rebirth of Civil Society

Civic activism versus autocracy: In Serbia, the struggle continues.
The Populist Déjà-vu

How Populism Is Conquering The Continent

A missed lesson of history? A century after Mussolini, liberal elite inclusion of the far right is again strengthening its appeal.


Richard Grieveson, deputy director at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw).
Europe by the numbers

A Lot to Gain A Lot to Lose

The region of Central, East, and Southeast Europe faces huge economic challenges as it emerges from the twin shocks of the pandemic and energy-driven high inflation.
Werner Hoyer, former president of the European Investment Bank (EIB).
Reconstructing Ukraine

Yes We Can Help Ukraine and The Western Balkans

East and Central European successes stand as a model for the continent’s new aspiring candidates. 


Barbi Marković, Serbian writer who lives in Vienna. 
Skopje impressions

Back Back to Positive Things 

Petra Hůlová, Czech author.
Czech Republic

It’s Too Early to Say It’s Over

My dad and my country: My complicated relationship with my father and my fatherland. Two stories, some parallels.