Ilija Trojanow, Bulgarian-German writer, translator, and publisher
Café Kosovo

The Balkans: History Debunked

A small café in Prizren: The microcosm of the Balkans in all its complexities and contradictions. Vignettes from the south of Kosovo.
Paul Lendvai, author and journalist.
At the crossroads

The Tug of War for Central Europe’s Future

History is no Autobahn. The region’s fate will be decided by who will prevail: liberals or autocrats. 
Defining Central Europe

The Third Dimension

Barbi Marković, Serbian writer who lives in Vienna. 
Skopje impressions

Back Back to Positive Things 

Petra Hůlová, Czech author.
Czech Republic

It’s Too Early to Say It’s Over

My dad and my country: My complicated relationship with my father and my fatherland. Two stories, some parallels.
The Populist Déjà-vu

How Populism Is Conquering The Continent

A missed lesson of history? A century after Mussolini, liberal elite inclusion of the far right is again strengthening its appeal.
Martin Vechev at the INSAIT in Sofia.
Tech-Scene Sofia

How Bulgaria Got Its MIT

Can Eastern Europe’s first-of-its-kind AI Institute bring its brightest minds home?

More Vistula and Danube Less Rhine

EU’s leadership needs to pivot to the East if it wants to be truly geopolitical. Why not Sikorski and Kallas as High Representatives and Johannis as President of the European Council?
Ivan Krastev, chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia.
Pan-european Polycrisis

Europe‘s Vertigo Moment

Climate change, migration, war. Europe is reeling. Pushed to the brink by more than a decade of crises, the continent is at a tipping point.