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To hear the phrase “Make Europe Great Again” might evoke a certain nostalgia, suggesting a yearning to revisit and revive past glories. However, our motivation is not rooted in fantasies of grandeur or grievances about Europe’s perceived global weakness. Instead, we acknowledge the critical need for Europe to actively engage in and influence discussions about shifts in power, competitiveness, and defence, taking on a role akin to that of other global players.

There is no strict EU dichotomy. There is, indeed, flexibility in how we can approach this. Our author, Jan Zielonka, proposes exploring beyond the dichotomy of a Europe of Nations or a United States of Europe to consider a model where civil society plays a pivotal role. In an interview, Czech President Petr Pavel discusses strategies to enhance Europe’s influence and to counter Russia’s aggression. Former President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and former Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ursula Plassnik engage in a conversation on European enlargement and how to stabilise Europe’s periphery. Additionally, Oana Popescu-Zamfir and Engjellushe Morina highlight the potential impact of EU expansion. Economic challenges also loom large for the EU, which faces stiff competition from the USA and China. Instead of mimicking the strategies of these rivals, Daniel Gros suggests in his analysis that the Union should leverage its unique tools.

In our tech story, we explore whether Heraclitus’ statement of “War is the father of all things” is once again proven correct. With a resourceful and defiant society under constant threat, Ukraine is apparently on the way to becoming a startup nation similar to Israel.

Amidst these strategic considerations, we also cherish our cultural explorations. Our journey includes a political and literary dual perspective on Bosnia and Herzegovina, featuring a dialogue with the current and former high representatives, Christian Schmidt and Valentin Inzko, alongside insights from author Karl-Markus Gauß. Additionally, authors Dorota Masłowska and Sofia Andrukhovych guide us through their significant locales, Warsaw and war-affected Ukraine.

Martyna Czarnowska, Thomas Seifert
Editors-in-chief, European Voices

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